Jigging/ live bait

Vertical Jigging, Light Jigging and Slow Pitch are techniques with which we fish vertically, animating the lures over rocky bottoms.

We try to animate the lures in a way that it seems like a injured fish trying to escape, and this provoke bites from the bottom predators that are hunting between the seaweed prairies and at the caves in rocky bottoms.

Catches with this technique are usually hard to find, but valuable in size and specie, trophies very searched and valued by any angler.

Here in COSTA BRAVA SPORT FISHING we only want the best for our clients and we want to assure catches, so we always try to carry fresh live bait also.

Lures: Inchikus, soft plastic lures, Kaburas, Rubber Jigs...

Tackle : Different action rods, according to the depths and Shimano Reels.

Species: Dentex, Snapper, John Dory, Grouper, Bream, Pando...

Spots: Rocky bottoms and seaweed prairies from 20 to 100 m. deep.

Season: We can practice all year long, but the most productive months for Big Dentex per ex. are January, February and March.