We will only accept the reservations if they go with the 50 % of the total amount of the rent.

The payments will be in advance, by cash or credit card. The rest of the amount will be paid before the exit, at the moment of the formalization of the the agreement. If you can not go out to sail for a personal problem, Blanes Boats will not do responsible of him, therefore it will not return the money neither will change the day of the rent. In case of bad weather, will not return the money, you will have a ticket with a year of validity to can make a new reservation any one other day, in the period of a year.

The employees of Blanes Boats will inform of the meteorological conditions and will advise you of the possibility to sail. If you decides not going out, still being positive the verdict of our team, Blanes Boats SL, will not be responsible of this decision.

No refunds or changes of day will be made, 7 days before the rental for personal reasons

We will not formalize any rent if we don’t have of the original document of identity and nautical license (for the boats that require it), assuming the customer the loss of the rent in case of can’t rent the boat.

Must be on the place 30 minutes before the hour of start of the rent; in contrary case, the delay will be discounted of the time hired.

General conditions for boats WITHOUT LICENSE

1-The boat should be rented only by the person designated in this contract, which has to have more than 18 years.

2- It is forbidden to surpass the maximum number of people in each boat, according to the boat limits.

3- Maximum speed inside the harbour and near the beaches is 3 knots. While sailing, have the consideration to respect the bathing areas, anchor before the moored yellow buoys located in the beaches, give due respect to the scuba flags that marks the presence of a diver (don’t approach more than 50 mts.). And respect all of the standards of RIPA.

4- Navigating more than one mile away from the coast is prohibited. (1.6 km)

5- The lessee must assume all the responsibility in case of a fine, penalty, sanction and damage caused or derived by a non-compliance of any article of this contract, and/or by any infringement of the Spanish or International enacted laws.

6- Boats must be given back at the same spot where they were handed out at Blanes Port. The conditions in which the boats are given must be the same when they are returned. It also has to be the same day an hour that have been stipulated in the contract. If checkout is carried out later than the time specified without further notice, you will be charged 100 € for every 30 minutes of delay.

7- The boat must be slowed down back inside the harbour and steered to the moorage where it set sail. In case of damage, all the responsibility falls on the lessee whatsoever.

8- Inaccurate use of the boat will lead any authorised member of Blanes Boats to end the trip without returning the rental payment.

9- The boats withaout license have a full gasoline tank of 25 liters included in the rental price. 

the boats whit license, Fuel is not included in the rental price, so the boat must be returned with the gasoline tank filled Therefore, the lessee should refuel the consumed amount at the gas station.

10- It is VERY IMPORTANT that someone inside the boat carries a phone to contact us in case of any kind of breakdown or weather change. Blanes Boats staff must also be able to call to inform about any problem that arises.

11- Every boat is covered by a third party insurance that covers the material and personal damage you can cause. Blanes Boats offers a full insurance that covers all the personal damages of the passengers and material damages of the rented boat.  The full insurance does not cover the loss of material like the anchor , rope and chain,hook, lifejackets, cushions, etc. neither the damages caused by the customer negligence. The price for this insurance is 20€ for 1/2 day rentals and 35€ for 1 day rentals for boats whitout license, and 35€ for 1/2 day rentals and 50€ for 1 day rentals whit license.

12- The enterprise is not responsible of personal belongings that are left forgotten, damaged or lost. The lessee takes on in all the risks and exempts Blanes Boats from any claim that can be brought about by them


The boats have a restricted navigation zone that goes from the Tordera River to the Castle of Lloret de Mar. This limits are marked in the maps that you’ll find in all of our boats. Blanes Boats forbid to pass this limits for your safety, due to the small size and power of the boat and his limited autonomy,in case of  severe weather conditions. If you decide to pass these limits, Blanes Boats reminds you of the following points:

If navigating off limits, any kind of assistance you may need will not be covered by the insurance, and Blanes Boats will not be responsible for any damages, towing, losses, etc.

In case of exceed of track limits marked by this contract, you will may sanctioned with 100€

In case of assistance towing, by lack of fuel or any malfunction, the rescue manoeuvres and towing have a 1.000€ cost if you’re out of the limits.


Blanes Boats recommends not to surpass Sant Feliu Port, because in case of bad weather or sudden climatology change it can cause problems. If you decide to pass anyway, Blanes Boats reminds you of the following points:

  • If you need to tow the boat due to damage or lack of fuel Blanes Boats will not be responsible and the insurance will not cover the loss of belongings and the personal
  • In case of towing the boat for any circumstance, the enterprise will be exempted from responsibility and 1,000 euros will be changed to carry out the rescue, a warranty of immediate service will not be


For any controversy that may arise from the content or interpretation of this document, both parties, expressly renouncing their own jurisdiction or that to which they could access, commit themselves by mutual agreement to the judges and courts of Blanes and corresponding superior hierarchies.

In the event of non-compliance with the obligations contained in this contract, the lessee responds together with all the members of his crew to the responsibilities that may arise. In the event that claims are made by a third party against the tenant, it releases the lesser from any liability.

These General Rental Conditions are written in Spanish, the only applicable language. Any translation of these can only be informative.